The team


Akis supervises the creative content as well as the financial aspects of a production. He has an economic background, used to be a consultant and studied real estate management. His main drive within Infilmer Studios is to create clients that are happy and proud of our creative services.

Akis Karamanlis

Executive Producer
+31 630 365 636


Iskander is responsible for concept development, planning, animation, motion graphics, and editing. He is a bachelor of Engineering at International Game Architecture and Design and has a history of computer animation and games design. He has passion for his craft and a love for making artistic and original content.

Iskander Mos

Creative director
+31 655 142 435


Georgi is a true autodidact with a great dedication for creating. After discovering film-making he quit his job and immersed himself into the study of cinematography and the pursuit of his life-long passion for travel, food and storytelling.

Georgi Tsobekhia

Production Designer & DP
+31 681 933 100


Karsten is responsible for shooting film, aerial shots, grading and editing. He is academic educated as an Director and finished his eduction as a Bachelor Communication & Multimedia designer. He is addicted to the cinematic image and proclaims to create the creative perfection.

Karsten Missot

Aerial Videographer & Editor


Ingmar specializes in visual 2D & 3D (motion) design and illustration. He likes to take information and combine it with the best suitable custom crafted creative design to achieve well balanced visual content.

Ingmar Gubbens

2D/3D Animator


Stijn van Strien has come a long way from niche outfits to national recognition for his ongoing musical productions for the theatre, t.v. and dance industry. With a singer / songwriter / DJ/ background, Stijn is always busy creating new sounds, tracks and beats to develop his skills and pushing himself to grow musically.

Stijn van Strien

Sound Designer & Composer



Xander Burgess

Multimedia Designer