What we do

Infilmer Studios is a concept development and production company for film, animation and interactive media. We love to take on projects from concept to delivery but can also be hired for individual parts of the film and animation process.

We have a passion for our work and we love to push boundaries. So if you are ready to tell your story to the world, contact Infilmer Studios.

Visual effects
Sound effects
Title design
Animation 2D/3D
Digital characters
Digital characters
Sound recording
Motion graphics

At Infilmer Studios we love telling stories and creating original content with an emotional impact. We believe in the power of stories to connect to an audience and convey your message with strength and emotion. We take a personal approach in order to get to know you and find your unique story.


Through design we breathe life into your project. With good design comes clear communication, an original visual identity and beauty. We have several talented artists in house as well as a large network to make the style that is just right for you.


Technology creates and inspires new story, design and communication opportunities. We are always researching and developing emerging technologies to create new possibilities.

Require more in-depth information about Infilmer’s services, the film and animation process or about video marketing? Download free .pdf folders here.